Textile manufacturing machinery can be very complex. For this reason, we always suggest checking that every component installed on your machines is made specifically for those models. The reason to do it? Well, it’s pretty simple: on a complex system, even the tiniest mistake can weigh heavily on performance. And besides that, applying the wrong roller coverings affects the lifespan of your machinery too.

At Textape, we know the problem well. And this is what led us to create so many different products! In our last blog posts, we already told you all you have to know about natural rubber and nitrile roller coverings. Yet, there are still some items we haven’t talked about: our PVC products, meant for inspection machines, rolling machines, and opening

These items are unique, so we decided to provide an in-depth view below. One suggestion before reading? Sometimes the differences between one product and the other are pretty small. Thus, the best thing to do is reading each paragraph very carefully.

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 172

It’s the only product on this list that features nylon and PVC. Designed for inspection machines, the item can withstand up to 100 °C and adheres perfectly to your cylinders.
Some information on size and support: the PVC roller covering is 2,5 mm thick and features a paper backing. In our opinion, the best choice for synthetic fabrics. And if you need the self-adhesive version, you can choose one of these widths: 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm.
Finally, it has a felt-like texture.


Are you looking for oil-resistant products? Then we suggest reading on. The nylon and green PVC roller covering, in fact, does not feature any oil resistance.

Green PVC flat surface code 154

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 154

Time to start with products for rolling machines. Please read this and the following paragraphs carefully because the items you’ll find differ just in one or two characteristics.
Things to know about Textape PVC roller coverings for rolling machines: first, all these pieces are 1,8 mm thick. In addition, they feature a 100% polyester backing. Finally, this kind of product is not very resistant to heat. All the items, in fact, can support 60 °C maximum.


Let’s move to the green PVC flat surface item distinguishing features. For starters, this product is suitable for any fabric, regardless of the weight or the material. Second, it has good adhesion power. Third, if you need a self-adhesive version, you have it. In which sizes comes the self-adhesive version? You can choose between three different widths: 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm.

Translucent PVC with flat surface code 150

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 150

Like the previous one, this roller covering is specifically designed for rolling machines. In case you did not read the paragraph above, we repeat the characteristics this product shares with the other items for rolling machines we make at Textape. The features in common are:

  • the thickness, which is 1,8 mm;
  • the backing, which is made in polyester;
  • and the level of heat resistance (these pieces guarantee high performance even at 60 °C).

The strengths of this particular item? First, you can use it with any fabric, and second, thevself-adhesion version is also available. Adhesion power: medium.

Translucent, medium granulated PVC code 164

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 164

This product is 1,8 mm thick too. And like the two pieces we just presented, it can support 60 °C maximum and features a 100% polyester backing. The differences with the other products?

For starters, it’s only suitable for medium-weight fabrics. In addition, this PVC roller covering has a grain, while the ones we talked about until now don’t. Finally, the only available color is transparent. Adhesion power: medium.

PVC flat surface color ivory code 148

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 148

Since its features are similar to the products we already introduced, we’ll summarize them briefly.

This PVC roller covering:
● is intended for rolling machines;
● can withstand 60 °C maximum;
● can be used with any type of fabric;
● is 1,8 mm thick;
● has a 100% polyester backing.

Looking for an oil-resistant item? Then we suggest you read further because this one has limited resistance to oils.

PVC granulated surface color ivory code 160

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 160

Very similar to code 148 roller covering. The most important difference? It features a pretty thick grain. Intended use: rolling machines.

PVC granulated surface color green code 166

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 166

It’s the last item for rolling machines on our list. Which shares most of its characteristics with the products we mentioned earlier.

Specifically, this roller covering:
● measures 1,8 mm in thickness
● guarantees high performances even at 60 °C;
● is suitable for any kind of fabric.

Which are the distinguishing features? First and foremost, it has a medium adhesion
power. Second, this item presents a medium grain.

PVC with 3 reliefs code 196

pvc roller covering | pvc roller coverings | pvc roller coverings | PVC code 196

We end this article with a totally different product, which is designed for opening machines. We are sure that if you look at our product section, it’s the first one that grabs your attention. Asking yourself why? Well, because its characteristics make it unique. For starters, this roller covering it’s 6 mm thick. Second, as the name says, it’s got 3 reliefs.
Finally, it presents no backing.

The item is not that heat resistant (it supports 60 °C maximum), but it’s still the perfect choice for your machines. And if you need a self-adhesive version, you can choose from three widths ( 50mm, 70mm, and 100mm).

When and why should you choose PVC roller coverings?

As we have already mentioned, textile machinery is pretty delicate. Thus, there are situations where PVC is the best choice and others where this material should never be installed on the equipment.

Basically, there are two scenarios in which using PVC is best. We suggest installing PVC products on your machinery if:

  • there are chemicals involved in the process
  • the machinery makes sudden movements.

This material, in fact, can resist solvents and such. Plus, it can withstand shock, so a PVC roller covering would not get damaged.
When to avoid PVC items instead? Here at Textape, we suggest opting for other materials when machinery reaches more than 60 °C.

This is all! Need more information on our products? Get in touch.