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About us


Our main customers are the textile machines makers worldwide

that give us the best advices on what to do in terms of temperature

resistance, elasticity and grip adherence.

Our headquarters


Textape, initially located in Varese, was transferred in 1987 to the industrial area of North Milan in a plant of 950 square meters.

In 1999 the company saw a so important increase in orders that it expanded with the purchase of a new shed of 1200 square meters. The new shed, located in the industrial area of Cormano, is in a strategic position to access all the highways of northern Italy.

Today the company works in full collaboration with the most important and prestigious textile machinery manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey where we also opened a sister company Textape Turkey in the industrial area of Istanbul.



Our strong points

100% Italian

Thanks to the great collaboration between the manufacturers of Italian textile machines we have succeeded in creating the current Textape range, still in continuous renewal.

International shipments in just 3 days


Thanks to the best international couriers we are able to reach all over the world with our products in just 3 days from the date of order.

40 years of expertise in the textile sector

Our staff boasts expertise, professionalism and efficiency acquired over time and recognized by our partners and our customers.

Our machining

Textape produces natural and synthetic rubber, PVC and silicones and is now famous in the textile world for the quality and resistance of its products.

The production process that gives rise to our products is made possible thanks to our cutting-edge machines. Our machines allow us to process the product following three main phases:

  • cutting and winding
  • hot rolled double-sided calendering
  • packing

Textape worldwide

Thanks to the incredible interest aroused by Textape at the ITMA95 fair in Milan in foreign visitors, the company has decided to invest more and more in exporting. Within three years Textape achieved its goals and began exporting its products from New Zealand to Chile.

Today, thanks to the commercial support of 38 distributors, the company reaches all the five continents with its commodity. Textape products are exported all over the world relying on the best international couriers who, in just three days from the order, are able to deliver them to national and international customers.