ITM Istanbul the four days hot spot cutting edge technology the best performance in textile world

The ITM Istanbul is the ideal stage for exhibitors to present their latest technology, brand new in Turkey and all over the world, a place where Turkey, the head of the textile market, meets Europe.

This massive range of textile business owners are enthusiastic to participate every year, showing technologies created respecting  the environmental impact.


For over 1000 market leaders in the textile this fair is for four days the hot spot to meet customers by presenting their machineries.


They are constantly working on improving existing machines and their components, empowering  this progress for existing and future customers. Their strong position in the textile machinery market for decades,  determining the market and in setting trends.

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Leading edge in technology in the textile world

The textile machineries companies participating at this fair are steadily engaged in research and development. This is an above-average figure in the industry, they invest a consistent percent of their employees work in development and construction. They ensure that they will continue to stay ahead of the pack in the future. This requires experience, market knowledge, innovative strength and a good deal of passion.

Recent reports look at general trends in the international yarn machinery and fabric machinery market and provide detailed analyses of various yarn machinery and fabric machinery sub-sectors.

There were increases in shipments of all nine of the major types of machinery to the textile industry in Turkey, increases in shipments of eight of the nine major types of machinery to the textile industries in Argentina and Iran, and increases in shipments of six of the nine major types of machinery to the textile industry in Sri Lanka.


The textile industry entrepreneurs are willing to connect the two worlds, the additive manufacture as a young discipline of production and the textile sector as an industrial branch with a long tradition.


The combination of new technologies, such as 3D printing, and the traditional textile sector opens up many opportunities for product development.

To explore these possibilities is the aim of the international fairs and workshops as ITM Istanbul.


Textiles are made from animal, plant, mineral, and synthetic materials. They also include anything that is made from yarns, fabrics, or fibers. These are some of the latest innovations in the textile industry.

At this point the so-called smart garments also come in, for example to improve firefighters’ suits or garments for medical purposes, just to mention a few, that are capable of detecting, acting, storing, generating (energy for example) and communicating. Here wearables and smart clothes have a vast range of action and are joined with solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis (Big Data) or Artificial Intelligence, among others. 

Today’s textile markets are highly competitive, throughout the entire value chain from fiber to fabric. Customers expect unique products, of the right quality and free from unacceptable defects, every time. Fabric producers need to manufacture economically, with the best possible use of resources.

Real-time process monitoring detects, records and locates all defects in roller covers. The key to consistent quality is the optimized ranking efficiency.

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The engagement of roller coverings in the ultimate textile industry scene

Roller coverings are essential and crucial to the industrial world. Open to the future they are known as cover replacements. Behind these textile machinery companies, such Textape, there is a consistent investment in research that leads to development of new covering quality products, which can overpower the market expectations. Showing as well how to complete roller coverings on new machines and the way they constantly succeed in meeting the textile industry needs and requirements. Continually motivated by their knowledge, consistent  offering and the will to innovate. The  textile industry is a fundamental and demanding sector that needs complex demands. The roller coverings represent a basic pattern of the process to success.

The key to success is to optimize the layer thickness, hardness and surface finish to obtain the best possible results. According to the massive diversity of textile products and  the range  of different roller types required.

Equipment manufacturing companies and engineering teams from all over the world will meet again this year in Istanbul from 14 to 18 of June to promote the supply of new technologies. They will show the work behind the scenes of their companies laboratories, offering, for example,  useful suggestions on how to store, clean and handle the new machinery era .