Febratex  is the most important event in Brazil dedicated to the textile industry.

This fair is held in Centro de Eventos Vila Germanica Blumenau on 23 to 26 August 2022 showing the companies news in Brazil and internationals related to sectors Textiles, Clothing industry, Textile machinery, Tele, Textile industry, Industrial fairs.

At Febratex there are national and international exhibitors of Textiles, Clothing industry, Textile machinery, Fabrics, Textile industry, Industrial fairs.
Brazil is now the 4th largest exporter of cotton. The global high demand for cotton has allowed Brazil to grow slowly and steadily in the textile industry.

Febratex Brazil

The Brazilian Textile industry: an amazing opportunity for investment

The textile industry in Brazil is young in comparison to other countries; however, it looks to be growing in strength and power as a green business and future fashion. The textile and apparel industry participates with equivalent amounts to more than 5% of the total Brazilian GNP in 2017.

As well as using cotton, Brazil has begun integrating synthetic fibers and yarns into its production process. However, the expansion in producing these new raw materials, however, is stemmed by obstacles that affect the internal suppliers of these products.

Looking at some industries that are buyers of this kind of fiber and synthetic yarns, the standard and most usual polyester product used in Brazil is a polyester yarn.

The Brazilian association of Producers of Artificial and Synthetic Fibers (ABRAFAS) highlighted that Brazilian producers can only supply 40% of all synthetic fiber consumed by Brazilian textile industries, meaning that Brazil is importing around of 60% of the synthetic fibers and yarns that are consumed by its textile companies.

The other most important fibers are made of raw polyester and polyester mixed with elastane. ABRAFAS explains that Brazilian producers only are able to supply 40% of synthetic fiber that is consumed by Brazilian textile industries. Logically, this means that a remarkable 60% of resources (valued at roughly US$2.5 billion per year) required by the industry is imported, suggesting operations to reduce the bureaucracy, modernize production and improve distribution services that hinder this market could be hugely profitable. Many foreign companies have already identified this opportunity and are working alongside local groups who can help support their commercial plans in the region.

As we can see, Brazil is a great and unexplored market, with a strategic, logistic and established regulatory system that allows collaboration with other Latin American countries..

The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), founded in 1957, is one of the most important entities among the economic sectors of the country. It represents a production force of 25,2 thousand companies located throughout the national territory, companies of all sizes that employ over 1.5 million workers and together generate an annual revenue of USD 48,3 billion.

The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Sector stands out in the world scenario, not only thanks to its professionalism, creativity and technology, but also by the size of its textile facilities: it is the fourth largest textile and the fourth clothing industry in the world. Self-sufficient in cotton production, Brazil produces 5,5 billion garments per year, being a worldwide reference in beachwear, jeanswear, and home wear. Other segments are also gaining international market share such as our womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, fitness, and underwear.

To meet all the demands of the textile chain, which includes companies producing natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, including wiring, processing, weaving and apparel companies.

Abit maintains a physical and intellectual structure to support and guide members. All activities performed by the team of employees and consultants seek to support the sustainable development of companies in the sector and defend its interests at government agencies and national and international entities. With integrated work, Abit intends to make Brazil’s textile and apparel industry a reference in technology and innovation on the worldwide stage.

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Textape in Brazil at Febratex in partnership with Tabatex

In the 2022 Febratex edition TexTape will be part of this amazing event at Tabatex stand, confirming its presence in the main fairs worldwide

Tabatex is a company specialized in the trade of spare parts and accessories for textile machinery. With over 30 years of history, it has in its portfolio of representation important international companies in the segment, offering an extensive variety of products for each of the areas of textile industry. Based in the city of Americana, in the interior of São Paulo and a branch in the city of Brusque, Santa Catarina, Tabatex has commercial representatives to serve all over Brazil, bringing solutions and innovations to the market.

The event that took place in August 2018 had a record attendance according to FCEM, the fair’s organizing company. There were more than 2,400 national and international brands distributed in more than 400 stands.

The Tabatex stand was one of the largest ever made by the company, presenting to the public about 17 represented companies.

The participation at this year’s edition calls on the future, after the pandemic break, willing to prove the achievements reached in the last 4 years.