You thought the products we described so far in our blog posts were the only roll coverings we make here at Textape? You were wrong. As mentioned in other articles, our company focuses on highly specialized items, which only fit on particular machinery. Why do we do it? Because industrial machines are becoming more and more delicate. And to function correctly, these structures need purpose-built components. In other words, you can’t design a universal product for all the driers on the market. The same goes for looms, weaving machines, inspection machines, etc. This is the only way to create quality items that can last.
We spent a few words on natural and synthetic rubber roll coverings. And we said something about PVC pieces too. Thus, this time we are going to talk about our silicone items. Why did we mention driers in the previous paragraph? Because we’re going to present roll coverings designed for that equipment. But you’ll find products intended for other machines as well.
More specifically, in the list below, we also included pieces for tenters, rolling machines, and steamers.
Do you need a self-adhesive product? Then you are spoiled for choice: all the products below, in fact, also come in the self-adhesive version. And there are different widths to choose from. Specifically, we have the 50 mm, 70 mm, and the 100 mm version.

roll covering | roller covering tape

Just a note before we begin. If you look at our catalog, you’ll find out there are items that look very similar to the one we are presenting. We refer to products code 174 B, 174 BS, 174 C, and 174 U. Indeed, some of them are designed to be installed on the same machinery. However, if you’ll read the details carefully, you’ll find out they do not share as many features as it may seem. So take your time to scan each piece of information closely.
And now, let’s talk about flat silicone code 174 characteristics. We can say this is one of the most durable roll coverings ever. In fact, even if it’s not that thick (thickness is 2 mm), this product can withstand up to 200 °C. In addition, it can adhere perfectly to your machines and is oil resistant. What equipment is it intended for? Tenters and drying machines. At Textape, we suggest using it for treating heavy-duty fabrics and high-temperature processes.

Granulated silicone code 192

roller covering tape | roll covering

Code 192 roll covering is a product designed for dryers, and it can be used with all sorts of fabrics. The reason we like it? Well, the item features a unique support. The backing of code 192 roll covering, in fact, is made of glass fiber.
But we think there is a lot more to know about this product. First of all, it can withstand very high temperatures. More in detail, you can use this item on machines that reach up to 200 °C. Second, it can stick perfectly to your equipment. Third, it is totally oil resistant. And the product thickness is just 2 mm.

Flat silicone code 174 L

roller covering tape | roll covering

When we say flat, we really mean it. This piece, in fact, is only 1 mm thick. Its intended use? Rolling machines. To be more specific, we designed it for slippery fabrics, which require special treatment when it comes to rolling machines.
The product has got lots of strong points. For starters, it’s oil resistant. In addition, it has a high adhesion power. Finally, it can withstand medium-high temperatures. The item, in particular, guarantees high performance even at 140 °C.

Silicone: double face code 190

roller covering tape | roll covering

Designed for drying machines and steamers. Without a doubt, code 190 is a unique piece. You’d like to know why? First of all, while most of our roll coverings have a backing, code 190 does not feature any support. The item, in fact, is coated in silicone on both sides. In other words, to install it on your machinery, you’ll need silicone glue (no pun intended).
But there are other characteristics we’d like to talk about. For instance, we’d like to point out this is the only Textape product that can resist enzymatic oils and colorants. In addition, the item can be used on machines that reach very high temperatures. To give you an idea of how strong the roll covering is, we’ll just tell you it guarantees perfect performance even at 250°C. Finally, we like it because it’s suitable for any fabric, regardless of weight.
Are you wondering how thick it is? Just 2 mm. Oh, we forgot: it has a high adhesion power too.

Silicone impressed cloth code 174 B

roller covering tape | roll covering

And now, let’s talk about products code 174 B, 174 BS, 174 C, and 174 U. As we mentioned above, some of them can be installed on the same machines. Yet, you’ll spot lots of differences.
What to say about the 174 B piece? To begin with, you should know it’s made for tenters and drying machines. Probably one of the slimmest items we have here at Textape (it’s only 1,5mm thick), the product can support medium-high temperatures pretty well. The roll covering, in fact, is able to guarantee high performances even at 160 °C.
Moreover, we like it because it has a high adhesion power and is oil resistant.

Silicone impressed cloth elastic code 174 BS

From now on, we’ll focus on our new products. Yes, code 174 BS, 174 C, and 174 U are all items we created recently.

Like the previous product, this roll covering is 1,5 mm thick and is made for tenters and drying machines. Why does it differ from code 174 B, you say? Well, the main difference lies in the heat resistance. This roll covering, in particular, can withstand up to 180 °C.

White silicone flat surface code 174C

roller covering tape | roll covering

Thicker than code 174 B and code 174 BS (thickness is 2,2mm), this piece can only be installed on dryers. Its strength? It resists heat better than the items we presented above. Specifically, code 174 C guarantees high performance on machines that reach 185°C.

Red silicone flat surface code 174U

roller covering tape | roll covering

This is the last roll covering on our list. We present the highlight briefly:
● It’s 1,5mm thick;
● It can only be applied to dryers;
● It can withstand medium temperatures. More in detail, this product is only suitable for machines that reach 130°C maximum.