This ITMA was special!

The textile world, like the world in general, comes from 3 years of insecurities and the restart was not easy.
After ITMA 2019 Covid-19 greatly marked the development of our industry, but since the fall of 2022 we started to believe that the worst was over and we put all our strength and passion into it to restart and arrive at this ITMA 2023 stronger than before!

Throughout the days of the fair we noticed a tremendous enthusiasm of participation on the faces of the people attending. We first approached the days with a new and positive spirit, a spirit that marked a turning point from our beginning in 1981.

The huge turnout at the fair allowed us to make ourselves even more known in this area and distribute many of our technical catalogs. We had the pleasure of talking with some representatives from countries as far away as Kenya and Ethiopia, whom we would like to thank for their professionalism and interest in our technologies; we hope to create a profitable partnership for both parties and build a solid working relationship.

We also always thank all our long-time collaborators from all over the world, from Chile to Taiwan, from Vietnam to Iran, and from Indonesia to faraway Brazil. We were happy to be able to hug and shake hands with you again, solidifying our relationship built over time.

Now begins our work to best cultivate and grow all these old and new ties, made possible by ITMA2023! We promise you all our commitment!

Thanks also to all our booth workers, thank you for your hard work and passion.