True, we already have a few pages that talk about us. The about and our history page, for example. Those pages, though, are designed to be brief, and we will keep them that way. Why, you ask? Because the sections we mentioned are aimed at users that do not have much time to read and want to get an idea of Textape.


Instead, in this post, we’ll provide an in-depth view of the company for all the readers who want to spend more time on the website. Considering Textape turned 41 this year, we could write tons and tons of posts about its history. For the moment, let’s start with this one.


The foundation and early steps

Textape is a roll coating manufacturing company that has always looked to innovation. The story began in 1981, when three entrepreneurs, among whom we remember Adalberto Colombo, opened a plant in Varese, Italy. A few years later, Mr. Colombo was the sole head of Textape. Attracted by the innovation pervading Milan and its surroundings, he moved the factory to an industrial area just above the capital of Lombardy. The new plant, opened in 1987, measured 950 square meters, but that was just the beginning.

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Export, the key to success

In fact, in 1995, Textape took part in a trade show called ITMA, which, that year, was held in Milan. Have you never heard of it? ITMA is the biggest textile innovation fair in the world, within which all the latest developments in the industry are presented. It has been around since 1951, and every year it takes place in a different Country.


Taking part in that event in 1995 was crucial for the company because the fair allowed Mr. Colombo to catch a glimpse of the market situation. Plus, the trade show helped him understand how Textape could expand its influence even more. The numbers from the fair said Italy was still an interesting basin, but staying local was not enough. Exporting was the answer. As soon as Mr. Colombo understood this was the right path, he invested his son Guido in the role of export manager.


Seeing the high quality of our products, everyone became interested in the Italian roll coatings manufacturer. And so, our relationship with foreign markets began to develop more and more. As we mentioned on the information page, in the beginning, we were selling to New Zealand and Chile, but soon we reached other countries. Why was 1995 the year that Textape started exportation? Basically, because in that year, the volume of textile machines sold in Italy and Europe reached unprecedented figures.

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The 2000s

In 2000 the company passed to Mr. Colombo’s son, Guido. In 5 years, we were able to create an international network of resellers, and Textape was already known on all the continents. We could already count on trusted agents in the United States, China, Indonesia, and every Country in Latin America.


We bet you’d like to learn something about recent history. In this case, too, we could talk about Textape’s recent developments for hours. However, we’ll only mention two events. We believe you’ll find them interesting.


Let’s start with the facts of 2000. The year Guido became the head of the company, one of our partners opened Textape Turkey. Textape Turkey is a fully independent company based in Istanbul that now creates all the pieces we sell in Asia. Since 1995, the volume of orders has been growing faster and faster, so we could not handle everything ourselves. Hence, the fact that this collaborator started a company was a blessing for us.


And then, we would like to mention 2015. Why did we choose this year in particular? Because in 2015, we opened an office in China to better handle the high volume of urgent orders coming from that country. After all, the Chinese market is expanding more and more, and firms always need new materials to cover their industrial development. Therefore, having a local warehouse to supply new roll coverings in the area is crucial for a company like ours.


The professionals in the company today

We have already mentioned who founded the company and contributed to the transformation processes. But who are the company’s professionals today? Here at Textape, we have xxx employees, so talking about everyone would take a long time. However, we can introduce some of the people who make us one of the best roll coatings producers in the world.

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Guido Colombo – Guido is still with the company and has maintained his position. He is not only the CEO but also the export manager of Textape. He supervises all departments of the company and holds the reins of exports.

Roberto Brunoni – Roberto is the production manager. He supervises all stages and is informed whenever there is a problem in a production stage. In addition, he has held the position of machinery expert for 14 years.

Alessandro Cannistraro – Alessandro has been part of the team for 3 years. He is a skilled worker in the calendering process and a super expert in technical adhesives for rubber lamination.

Michele Definis – is the one who is in charge of the packaging and loading and unloading stages.

Raffaela Tallarini – head of administration and finance of the company. She has been part of the team for 10 years, and, besides managing the economic aspects, she is the one who deals with foreign raw material suppliers.

Giancarla Ghezzi – commercial director. She keeps relations with Italian agents and customers and is responsible for the price-making.


These, of course, are only a few of the figures that work for us. However, these are the faces you may see more often if you decide to start a relationship with Textape. Have you got any questions about our company? Get in touch!